SV Chantey

About SV Chantey

Chantey is a Westsail 42 ketch, hull no.6,  built in 1974 in Costa Mesa.

Length overall (LOA): 49ft 11ins  15.2m            Length over deck (LOD): 42ft 11ins  13.08m  Waterline length (LWL): 33ft 4ins  10.16m       Beam: 12ft 10ins  3.9m      Draft: 5ft 8ins   1.73m  Net tonnage: 15.59 tons (metric) 33,000lbs
Ballast:  11,000 lbs                                                   Sail Area: 100%  990sq ft,  working 890 sq ft Performance Indicators
D/L 387        B/D 34%         SA/D  15.1
Comfort   42.8     Capsize  1.64         L/B  3.3

(Which all means, she is safe and built for comfort not for speed.)

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About Westsail 42s
A design from the brilliance of Bill Crealock , the naval architect from Westcliff-on-Sea, who trained in Glasgow and practised in California. The 42 is a good, safe, strong,  go anywhere boat with plenty of room for comfort. Long keeled, heavy displacement with a canoe stern, she is big sister to the Westsail 32, an Atkins design inspired by the Colin Archer double-ender and re-modelled by Crealock. There is a thriving Westsail Owners Association  whose website is full of information about all the Westsail designs.

About Chantey
Chantey at Opqeuimar

Chantey is a centre cockpit ketch with the taller rig option.

Her previous owner fitted her out from new in California and sailed her South to Central America, eventually settling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to live out his retirement years. We bought her in 2007 and over the next 7 years, spent all our holidays in Opequimar boatyard refitting Chantey to be a comfortable blue water sailor.